Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Only He Knows Who I Am "

Doing the right thing takes courage and strength. At least, thats what i've heard. But how to be sure if its really a right thing? Only HE knows. As for me..i thought the last couple years has already be my toughest years of my life.Well, definitely i was wrong. This year are really really been a toughest year for me, myself, my heart, my family, my health..oh God! i dunno how to explain it to you guys. Next year? Wallahualam. What can i do just keep on praying hopefully everything will turn out okay or i just hope im strong enough to accept all the test from HIM. As a human being, this is what we have to accept. Hidup ini hanya sementara. Tapi nak lalui dia tu..nak tahu jalan yang mana tu yang susah. Am i on the right path? I hope I am. As you can see..Im not a really good girl yang pakai tudung, yang tak kuar malam, hanging out with friends, gelak gelak gossiping. Im not that good. Sume tu saya buat jugak. Cuma Alhamdulillah saya bersyukur sebab saya tak menyimpang jauh. I dont do clubbing, im not into drugs, im not doing something sampai tak pikirkan dosa pahala langsung. Cuma tak adalah baik sangat. Well, only HE knows who I am. "Never explain yourself to any one. Because the person who likes you doesn't need it and the person who dislkes you won't believe it." this is what I heard from someone a long time ago. we go love. love. hurt. hurt. hurt. HAHA! What can I say. It takes a long time to let go something that we thought was right for us. We knew them then we loved them and we have to let them go. thats the toughest part. letting go. some people just don't understand. cakap senanglah. pergi je. cari lain. banyak lagi orang lain. xpayah nak ingat ingat. haaa~ kalaulah ade switch at our heart and mind then we can just turn it on and off whenever we want kan? of course everything will be easy. This time sangat susah other than before. It hurts so bad cuz i can't let it go. Is it i cant let it go or I just dont want to let it go? yeahh. thats a good question. but still i cant figure it out. DUMB me.

Love. What is love actually? what is it about? what it feels like actually? What should we do with it? And how to be sure if its real? bla..bla..bla..As for me, Its Complicated. Full stop!. For some people, its easy to say this three words 'I' and 'LOVE' and 'U' even deep down inside they're not even sure if its real ot not. And thats the wrong part. You can hurt someones feeling because of that ya know? One thing i'd learned is that in the face of true love, you just don't give up. Even if the object of your affection is begging you to. You have to work for it to make it and make sure its for forever. Yawnnn! Suddenly i feel so bored talking about love. Maybe im already give up? Or i dont believe in love anymore? I wish i knew.
It just feels so much worse when you expect more from somebody. Sekarang i dont want to think about it too muchjust go with the flow .(boleh ke?) senang, kite kene berserah pada DIA je. Mungkin im not that lucky like all my friends..............